Empowering NGOs in times of crisis

Update: we won the the MIT COVID-19 challenge! (Track A)

Building bridges to connect humans

The most vulnerable populations by COVID-19 are in critical need of help.

BRIDGEAID is a platform that tackles the communication problems between those eager to help and NGOs.

Due to COVID-19, in Massachusetts...

  • +500 active NGOs focused on food
  • +11,000 confirmed cases
  • +400% increase in Social Service hotline calls

Social Services are experiencing an exponential increase of demand. They need human and economic resources. We decided to take the first step in our mission by focusing on connecting individuals eager to help and Food Pantries in the Boston area.

We connect individuals with Food Pantries



Available now for all devices

With this tool, individuals eager to help can access information of the closest NGOs in their area, obtain information about them and make donations.

Our global team

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